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AWEBLY is a combination of URL shortener and Bio link platform, a product of Bonaet Technologies. It is built with the purpose of making the URL shorter, simpler & innovative, and it's also a bio link tool for influencers and digital marketers.
Awebly - URL shortener helps small businesses to track their marketing campaigns and other incoming traffic sources to their website. However, the bio links allow you to create a custom landing page with multiple social & affiliate links with your brand logo.

Awebly can be a game-changer for your business; try it once for free. For Educational institutions and non-profit organizations, get your 1-year free premium subscription coupon by contacting us.

Goal: Awebly's goal is to provide you the efficient URL shortener & bio link services with affordable pricing, which can help to boost your business online.

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We are trusted and used by many first class companies


"What people have to tell us about."

Tashi Dorjee Sherpa
Digital Marketing Expert, Nepal

"Awebly is a simple and innovative tool for online marketers with an awesome user interface. It can help small businesses to improve their marketing strategies effortlessly."

Patrick Ifeanyi
Professional Blogger, Nigeria

"Awebly is one of the best tools I have ever seen for URL shortener and link tracking with their in-depth analytics. They have also integrated a bio link platform which is absolutely awesome for digital content creators which helps to engage more visitors.

Ramji Rai
Professional Affiliate Marketer, Brunei

"The features that awebly has made all our marketing work even easier than before. After using Awebly the growth in our affiliate campaigns has increased by 30% in conversion rate within a month."

Aditya Singh
Founder at Prayaas Study Point, India

"Awebly is a great marketing tool that every marketer must have to refine their social campaigns. With the help of real-time data from Awebly now we can retarget our campaigns to the potential customers smartly."

Shahroz Ali Gill
Blogger, Pakistan

" Sharing long blog links on social media has always been tedious and suspicious for me. Now Awebly helped me to make it easy with a click of a mouse. With great insights and affordable pricing, I think it's one of the best link shortener tools in the market."

Shoumya Chowdhury
Owner at Know World Now, Bangladesh

"Awebly has been with me as an integral part of our marketing business from day one. With the right information, you can grow your business online in a little while with Awebly."

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"Easily integrates with your favorite retargeting platforms."


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